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The Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA) are an internationally-recognised team at Plymouth University with expertise in large-scale evaluations. CAMERA have designed a full evaluation of Project Equinox which will run over three years, starting with the process of recruitment, running through to the first two years of residency.

The evaluation will:

  • Identify how Project Equinox works in practice, by exploring its various dimensions and examining measurable changes across time.
  • Capture the views and experiences of all stakeholders involved in the Project, and analyse the implications for personal identity, lifestyle, health and general wellbeing.
  • Inform the sustainability of Project Equinox by highlighting its benefits for residents and the wider community.
  • Provide transferable research findings that can be of use to those developing similar initiatives nationally and worldwide.


The main spine of the evaluation (in dark blue) will use a range of traditional and innovative research methods to capture the views, attitudes and experiences of the residents through their engagement with the activities and opportunities provided by Project Equinox. Alongside the main evaluation, two streams of research will focus specifically on the impacts of Project Equinox on the health and wellbeing of both the student and veteran groups (light blue).


Project Equinox is about creating a comfortable and sociable living environment for the residents. This evaluation has therefore been designed to use unobtrusive and sensitive evaluation methods tailored specifically for Project Equinox. This means minimising researcher presence through using resident volunteers to run discussion groups about their experiences. The evaluation will also use methods such as photo-elicitation whereby residents are able to chart their own experiences through taking photos. This works as an aid for reflection as well as encouraging participants to capture their memorable experiences.